Experience the playful Northern lights!

If you want to experience the Northern lights the easy way, Villa Castillo is a good option! Villa Castillo’s wide windows gives you many great views to the hillside of Kaunispää and also the grand terrace of Villa Castillo is a great place to admire the Northern lights!
If you’d like to go little more to the “wild” then the campfire place of Villa Castillo is a great option for you. Imagine the feeling of admiring the Northern lights while the campfire keeps you warm… You may catch the Northern lights from the windows of few other of our apartment options too, like Castillo Luulampi.

But if you want to have the best Northern light experience, then you have to go outside someplace totally dark. For example, we arrange Northern lights adventures to the Urho Kekkonen -national park and other places close by from August till November. We can go by car, foot, bikes or during winter by snowmobiles. These adventures are possible to combine with some campfire cooking activities. This way you’ll have something to do while admiring the Northern lights and you won’t get hungry!

If you want to concentrate more on the cooking part, it is also possible to add a campfire cooking course to the Northern lights adventure. Or according to your wishes even sleep in the wilderness in a tent or a lean-to. During fall it is possible to combine mushroom or berry picking or fishing to the adventure. Fall is the best time of year to catch the Northern lights because it’s the darkest time of the year. Either way it is possible to combine the Northern lights adventures with many different activities according to your wishes.

You can find more information about all of our Northern lights adventures from our Facebook cite. And by asking via email we will gladly tell you more and try to match your wishes the best way possible!