The magic of the midnight sun (May-September)

From the beginning of May till August the Sun doesn’t set at all at Saariselkä. Then you don’t have to worry about the time of the day when you want to do something. The Lapland’s nature offers so much to do and see. And believe us at Saariselkä you won’t get bored!

You can visit the wilderness itself by bike, canoe or by foot. And it is an experience you’ll want to have.
We arrange canoeing trips to the lake Inari and river Ivalo. By canoeing you can proceed silently and get close to the nature and admire it in a whole new level. The canoeing trips go from few hours to over night experiences. In addition to canoeing we will try fishing, cooking food from the offerings of the nature and get to know the real hiking and surviving at the wilderness.

At “the peace of wilderness”-trip we’ll go to the wilderness either by bikes or by foot (duration from 7 hours forward). The trip includes cooking over the campfire, coffee from the campfire and some tales about local history and different kinds of natural phenomenon.
If we go with electric bikes, it doesn’t even take much of fitness to achieve the short trip to the wilderness. According to the wishes of the customer it is even possible to go for a 2–3-day hike at the Urho Kekkonen -national park with a guide. Most of the equipment (not your personal clothes etc.) are included in the trip. A longer hike gives you great illustration of hiking and living at the wilderness. We recommend you take your camera with you!

Saariselkä offers you many things to do on your own too. There are various hiking routes, and you can find a lot more information about those from the internet too. Remember to always stay on a marked route!
One of the most popular visiting spots during summer is the Smoke sauna and swimming place in the river Kiilopuro at Kiilopää. This combined to the midnight sun is a perfect duo!

We can also help you to plan your perfect fishing trip! We’ll gladly tell you more about this if you ask. You can find more information about different kind of activities during nightless night from our Facebook cite. And we will tell you more and answer to your questions via email also. Let’s plan a perfect holiday together!