Cooking over the campfire

Did you know it’s possible to cook more foods over the campfire than the delicious sausage? Well, we can tell you it is possible and even show you how! A good campfire can be an excellent kitchen. There are so many different ways to cook food over a campfire: grilling, broiling, planking, flaming etc. You need only the right equipment and your imagination!

We offer cooking over the campfire courses from May till the end of October matching the wishes of our clients. The courses are arranged either at the campfire of Villa Castillo or at the wilderness, usually at the Urho Kekkonen -national park. We will prepare traditional campfire food and you can also make a wish about what or what type of traditional Finnish campfire food you would like to try. We will intend to use local ingredients. We will also try to use nature’s offerings like berries, mushrooms, fish, herbs etc.

It is also possible to combine the cooking over the campfire course and some of the Northern lights adventures. According to your wishes we can go to the wilderness overnight and sleep under the stars. Then we’ll have plenty of time to practice cooking over the campfire and make some delicious foods for ourselves.

You can find more information about this and our other opportunities from our Facebook cite! We will also gladly respond to your questions via email.